French airline Air France will suspend six-weekly flights between Paris and New York. 

Airline said that the service will be suspended during the winter months, but will resume in March 2023. The airline will re-start the Paris-JFK service from airport in Paris Orly

A recent report by France's Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses concluded that Air France-KLM's French operations had some safety lapses.

The pilots of Air France have been under intense scrutiny following several incidents that raised questions about safety protocols.

 Last week, aviation investigators reprimanded the airline and suspended two pilots. Another report stated that two pilots had a physical fight in the cockpit in June. 

However, Air France officials stressed that they had a zero tolerance policy for misconduct and committed to ensuring their passengers' safety.

In order to make things more manageable for passengers, Air France will resume Paris-JFK flights on a daily basis. The airline will operate a Boeing 777-200 with 280 seats. 

Air France previously served Newark non-stop until 2012, but will now operate flights from Paris to New York on a shuttle service.

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