Gas Prices Could Go Up Again Before Long Says AAA. The current high prices are driving consumers to cut back on their driving. 

According to a recent AAA, two-thirds of Americans said that they have changed their driving habits because of gas prices. Eighty-eight percent said that they drive less because of high prices

The oil industry has been dealing with a supply shortage since the start of the Pandemic Virus, and it's unclear whether that trend will reverse.

While gas prices are still below the soaring costs of last year, they could go even higher, according to AAA. 

Some experts have even predicted that prices could climb as high as $200 a barrel due to a trend of shunning Russian crude. 

The average price of a gallon of gas in the United States hit a record high of $4.17 on Tuesday, breaking the previous record of $4.01. 

In addition, prices have increased 55 cents in the last week. In some states, like California and Nevada, the price of gas has already reached $5 per gallon.

High gas prices have driven stocks lower. Some industry watchers think that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could be responsible for the spike in prices.

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