Jupiter is Coming Its Nearest to Earth in Almost 60 Years

Jupiter will be making its closest approach to Earth in almost 60 years. It will be 367 million miles from Earth, and it will appear larger and brighter than it has in years.

This will make for a spectacular night sky sight. Jupiter's Galilean moons should also be visible if you have binoculars.When Jupiter reaches opposition on Monday, 

it will be at its closest point to Earth in almost 60 years. This will allow the average person to see all four of its largest moons. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is about twice as large as all the other planets put together. Its diameter is equal to the size of a basketball.

Jupiter has over seventy-five moons that orbit the planet. The largest of these moons is Europa, which can appear as a bright dot during opposition. 

While Jupiter itself cannot support life, NASA is planning to explore the Galilean satellites, especially Europa. A future robotic mission to Europa will search for signs of life under its icy crust.

Jupiter has a ring system. Scientists say the ring system is the result of material ejected from its moons.

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