Survivor Season 43 Premiere Recap: two hours of awesome. The Season's First Idol Enters the Game, as 'the Monster' 

The season's opening episode started with speed rafts. As the castaways introduced themselves, the audience saw a variety of personalities, from Ryan, 

who was told he'd never walk, to Nneka, a Nigerian-born Paralympic record holder. The castaways were then split into three tribes, the yellow Baka, the blue Coco, and the red Vesi. 

The first tribal council was held, and viewers got a chance to meet each new member of the show. This episode also introduced us to a few familiar faces, including  Elie and the James.

The episode rounded off with a challenge that challenged the tribes to lift each other over a ledge. The first tribe chose the table maze, 

while the second and last tribes were forced to go to chosen table mazes. The first tribe lifted Coco over the ledge first, while the last one chose the chosen table maze.

The players were divided into three tribes and a few new alliances were formed. Several players shared their experiences with the show in the past, including Jim and Noelle.

 James recalled his experience watching Earl Cole win as a black man, while Noelle and Lindsay discussed how they were encouraged to embrace their differences.

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