Gundam Evolution fans are worried about the latest spy in the game. Grodek has been active in the past and is a notorious spy.

he has taken over the control of the warship Diva and has been causing trouble for the team. He has been using the Diva as a base to sabotage UE. He has even killed the crew of the Nora colony

Fortunately, he is not the only one who is hiding a spy in the game. Flit is the son of Emily, a Gundam fanatic. On his seventeenth birthday, he gets a key to the Gundam. 

He then joins Woolf's mobile suit squad but doesn't have any X-rounder powers. He steals a Vagan helmet to gain these powers and ends up unconscious.

When a Spy is in disguise, he can change his appearance to any class, including Soldier, Pyro, and Heavy. This allows him to conceal his identity and hide from enemy team members.

 In addition, the Spy's weapon will become invisible or transparent to enemy Spies. Switching between different classes will also change his reference pose.

UE and Team Fortress 2 have a history of interfering in video games, and Gundam Evolution is no exception. The X-Rounder is capable of going berserk. 

Her abilities are so powerful that she can kill anyone in her path. However, she can also be vulnerable to attacks from other players.

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