Terra Crypto Founder Do Kwon Says 'Not on the Run'

South Korean prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Terra crypto founder Do Kwon and asked the finance ministry to revoke his passport.

Do Kwon is believed to be in Singapore, but the Singaporean police have denied this. Despite the arrest warrant, Do Kwon has maintained that he is not on the run. 

He has maintained his innocence in a series of tweets. The SEC is reportedly closely monitoring Kwon's activities and is investigating his alleged illegal activities.

Despite being wanted by the authorities, Do Kwon has maintained his innocence, saying that he is cooperating with investigations.

Earlier this week, a warrant was issued for his arrest, but he did not appear at his home. 

However, on Saturday, the Singapore Police Force released a statement saying that Do Kwon is 'not on the run.' In his tweets, 

Do Kwon also said that he would cooperate with any investigative agency to clear his name.

The South Korean authorities had suspected that Kwon was living in Singapore. However, the Singapore Police has issued a statement that Kwon is not in the city-state. 


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