Tesla Motors Recalls More Than 1 Million Vehicles Due to Safety Issue

Tesla Motors has announced a recall of nearly a million cars and SUVs, including Model 3 sedans, Model S sedans, Model X SUVs, and Model Y SUVs, for a safety issue. 

The problem is with the power windows in the cars, which can be dangerous because they close too quickly. 

The company will send an over-the-air update to owners on 15 November to fix the issue. This recall affects vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2022.

The issue isn't severe and should not affect the majority of Tesla vehicles. The company says it is working on a software update to fix the issue. 

It will be sent to current Tesla owners beginning on Nov. 15. Tesla says it is unaware of any injuries or deaths associated with the issue.

The safety issue is a defect in the window-reversal system. Normally, this system detects obstructions and prevents the windows from closing. 

The company is recalling more than one million vehicles to fix the defect.The problem affects vehicles that have automatic window reversal systems. 

The windows can pinch a passenger if they close too fast. Tesla said the problem was discovered by engineers during production testing and software update will fix the issue

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