Trump Will Have to Pay $500 an Hour For Special Masters Assistant

The judge appointed as the special master in Donald Trump's case is pushing for the review of documents from the search of Mar-a-Lago at an accelerated pace.

 He is also proposing to pay a former magistrate judge, James Orenstein, $500 per hour to help him out. The government has until Saturday to comment on this issue.

Raymond Dearie, a semi-retired federal judge, is currently reviewing documents from the estate of former president Donald Trump. 

The judge has asked for the assistance of a retired magistrate judge with top secret clearance, James Orenstein.

The federal judiciary has strict guidelines about outside employment for judges, but senior federal judges have fewer restrictions.

Fox has worked as a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles. Fox's advice was to use the F.B.I. log to make the request credible. 

Judge will determine whether the Special Master's request is legitimate & should be granted. The judge will be the one who decides if Fox's recommendations are reasonable.

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