Why Rum and Coca-Cola Go Together So Well

If you're ever at a bar, you may have noticed that people often order some variation of a Rum and Coke drink. Others order a "Cuba Light" or "Captain Pepper" instead.

 But Coca-Cola is still the standard drink. Rum and Coca-Cola are a natural match, and a good one at that.

 Perhaps the flavor scientists or songwriters could offer some insights as to why the two go together so well.

The rum-to-Coke ratio is an important factor to consider when making this drink. While classic rum and coke recipe call for one part rum to two parts coke, some drinkers prefer a ratio of 1 to 3

This is in keeping with the modern preference for sweet drinks. Generally, a 10-ounce highball glass should be filled about half-way with rum. 

If the combination of rum and coke is too strong or too weak, drinkers will often add more rum to make it more drinkable.

In the 1920s, Coke and Pepsi were the leading sodas in the U.S., but a European sugar shortage almost put them out of business. 

Eventually, Pepsi and Chero-Cola were bankrupted. Fortunately, Coke was able to salvage its status by borrowing money from a bank and offering its secret formula as collateral.  

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