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In this article, we’ll learn about Terra Luna Founder Do Kwon Net Worth 2022 Life and Career. Terra Luna Founder the Do Kwon Net Worth 2022 is is estimated at $30 million.

About Do Kwon

Do Kwon is the co-founder and CEO of AD Terra and Terraform Labs. He also founded Basis Cash and Anify Communications. Do Kwon is the co-founder of the crypto company Terraform Labs, which operates the Terra blockchain ecosystem powered by the native LUNA toke

Do Kwon Age31 years
Do Kwon Born1 September 1991, Seoul, South Korea
NationalityKorean, South Korean
Do Kwon EducationStanford University, Daewon Foreign Language High School
Do Kwon Net Worth 2022USD 30 million.

Do Kwon Net Worth 2022

Do Kwon Net Worth 2022 is estimated at $30 million. You can read more about his business achievements in this article. Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog so that we can keep you updated on the latest Do Kwon news.

Do Kwon is the co-founder and CEO of AD Terra

Do Kwon is the co-founder of AD Terra, a new payment platform that uses blockchain technology to process payments. Since launching in January 2018, Terra has attracted over 40 million users. While the project is still young, it has already raised $32 million from crypto giants and assembled an alliance of commerce partners.

However, he has received a red notice from Interpol. While it is not clear whether he’ll be arrested or not, Do Kwon has denied any wrongdoing. The prosecutors have alleged that he has violated capital markets law, but the businessman said he is not on the run and fully cooperating with South Korean law enforcement agencies.

He founded Basis Cash

Do Kwon is a Co-Founder of a project called Basis Cash, which has a questionable past. The cryptocurrency plummeted to a value of zero in a matter of weeks, and he is now under intense fire online for his role in the project. He has called critics “stupid” and said he’d kill DAI at his own hand. However, his comments on social media suggest that he believes that the cryptocurrency will eventually become a success.

It is unclear who actually founded Basis Cash, though it appears that Kwon had a close working relationship with the founder of Terraform Labs, Hyungsuk Kang. Kang claimed that Kwon had initially viewed Basis Cash as an experiment that he had been working on with the Terra team. In addition, Kang claimed to have gotten confirmation from Kwon himself that he had an active role in the project.

He was CEO of Anify Communications

In 2016, Do Kwon founded a peer-to-peer communications firm, Anify Communications. He served as its CEO until 2017, when he moved into the crypto sector. His new company, Terraform Labs, aims to develop a stable cryptocurrency with decentralized pricing. The company has created LUNA, a stablecoin based on the Proof of Stake algorithm. In addition, the company has established an e-commerce platform for LUNA, another stablecoin.

Kwon also co-founded a company called Terra, which uses blockchain technology to create a secure payment system. The company has already received a funding round from crypto-giants and assembled an alliance of commerce partners.

He was the co-founder of Terraform Labs

He has been under the spotlight recently for overseeing the collapse of two of the company’s stablecoins – TerraUSD and Luna – which together had a market cap of $60 billion. This crash triggered a crypto winter that has lasted longer than any in recent history, sending Bitcoin prices plunging. Kwon, who is a South Korean citizen, was reportedly in Singapore during the chaos. Prosecutors in his home country have issued an arrest warrant for him, claiming that he violated the country’s capital markets law.

Before founding Terraform Labs, Kwon founded Anyfi, a company that focused on peer-to-peer connectivity solutions. He also previously worked as a software engineer at Apple and Microsoft. His work in the space earned him a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list. During the initial stage of his venture, the company claimed to be creating a new type of financial system that would eliminate middlemen and thereby increase transparency and efficiency.

He is a South Korean rapper

Do Kwon is a South Korean hip-hop artist born in 1977. His real name is Ha Do-kwon. He also goes by his stage name Dean. He is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born in Hongeun-dong, Seoul. His stage name was inspired by James Dean, the famous actor.

Do Kwon has recently made headlines with his cryptocurrency venture. He owns Terraform Labs, a crypto ecosystem that triggered a global digital asset meltdown. Now, the South Korean prosecutors and government officials have filed a request to revoke Do Kwon’s passport. He is currently in Singapore, but must return to Seoul within 14 days.

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Do Kwon, Co-Founder of Terraform Labs, is Under Arrest in the U.S.

Do Kwon is a South Korean cryptocurrency developer. He co-founded a startup called Terraform Labs in Singapore. The company is responsible for the Terra blockchain and its network token, Terra. This unlicensed project aims to create a secure and reliable platform to conduct cryptocurrency transactions.


The recent collapse of the price of TerraUSD, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, has caused traders to question the legitimacy of this cryptocurrency. Though the coin initially rose to more than 90 cents per coin, it has since plunged to under 35 cents in the Asian trading hours. The founder of Terraform Labs has been silent on Twitter since the collapse.

Although the cryptocurrency was based on an algorithmic protocol, its value fluctuated with market fluctuations. This caused volatility, which triggered investors to dump the coin. This has caused investors to lose billions of dollars. The collapse of TerraUSD has sparked a sell-off of the cryptocurrency market, which is now experiencing its worst slump since 2017. Its founder, Do Kwon, is now being sought by Interpol.


Do Kwon was a rising star in the world of digital currencies when he founded the cryptocurrencies TerraUSD and Luna and then quadrupled their value in just a few months. Now, he is accused of evading a warrant to avoid arrest. What happened?

It is unclear if doing Kwon has been arrested or deported yet, but his appearance could certainly shake up the crypto quotations. Do Kwon has been linked to the Terra cryptocurrency ecosystem before, and he has caused it to spike in the past whenever there was news of legal prosecution or police investigation. His detention and eventual deportation from South Korea may also affect his price in a negative way.

The arrest warrant for Do Kwon, the co-founder of the failed cryptocurrency TerraUSD and stablecoin Luna, has been issued by a South Korean court. He is accused of violating capital markets law and of defrauding investors. The cryptocurrencies did not do well in the spring, and he is believed to be living in Singapore. The South Korean government has asked Interpol to issue a “red notice” for Do Kwon, which would enable the authorities to arrest him.

Do Kwon’s personality

Do Kwon’s personality is a bit bigger than his business. He uses Twitter as a platform to take his opponents to task. For example, he once responded to a question about his algorithm for TerraUSD by saying, “I don’t argue with the poor.” Another time, he said, “You don’t argue with me, do you?” One investor asked him where he got the money he said he had in reserve for TerraUSD. And he replied, “I got it from your mother.”

Some analysts have compared Do Kwon’s personality to that of a Ponzi scheme. One such example is Terra/LUNA, which launched on May 28. While it initially spiked in value, the price has since fallen back to the previous level. As a result, many investors are still confused about the Luna airdrop.

Terra’s rapid meltdown

The rapid meltdown of Terra’s stablecoin has created a storm in the decentralized finance world. Stablecoins are supposed to be more stable forms of exchange. Because they’re pegged to an asset like the U.S. dollar, their value should remain constant. Because of their stability, many traders use stablecoins to buy other cryptocurrencies. But Terra’s crash has forced regulators to take notice. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently said that Washington must act quickly to prevent more cryptocurrencies from losing value.

The Terra crash exposed some centralized pressure points in the ecosystem. It also highlighted the potential dangers of stablecoins. For instance, Terra has a very small number of users, and its design has caused many problems. It has also been subject to hacks and conflicts among developers. Despite its recent problems, Terra still has a few loyal users who still believe in the project. Many users are hoping the Terra network will be back up and running and the coin value will skyrocket.

Terraform Labs

An Interpol arrest warrant for Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has been issued. The warrant instructs law enforcement agencies to arrest Kwon for allegedly conspiring with an illegal cryptocurrency exchange. Kwon has not yet commented on the arrest warrant.

Do Kwon has not been seen in public since the company’s collapse, but he is being sought by South Korean authorities. Despite his denials, South Korean authorities have asked the foreign ministry to cancel Do Kwon’s passport. He is “obviously on the run” from authorities. Do Kwon co-founded the Singapore-based Terraform Labs and was involved in the development of the failed stablecoin TerraUSD. TerraUSD, a cryptocurrency listed as LUNA-USD, crashed in value and was eventually withdrawn.

According to South Korean prosecutors, Do Kwon fled to Singapore in April. His disappearance is a matter of public record. South Korean prosecutors claim that Kwon was engaged in financial fraud. They are investigating Terraform Labs as well.

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How Much Is Do Kwon Net Worth?

Do Kwon is the co-founder of AD Terra, Do Kwon Net Worth is estimated at $30 million.

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